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The Eraser stretch marks


From bikinis to short shorts, some clothing may have been kicked out of your wardrobe thanks to your stretch marks. Rather than spending another season covering your belly, bottom, or other area marked by unsightly red or white stripes, consider The Eraser™ treatment, which can reduce the appearance of stretch marks by allowing the skin to utilize its own natural healing and collagen-producing abilities. Through the use of micro-needling, The Eraser™ promotes active collagen growth and builds connective tissue below the surface of the skin. Our proprietary serum increases the body’s healing process so that you grow new tissue and reduce stretch marks on the surface of the skin.

Average Member Cost

$340 – 1,360/area

Average Non-Member Cost

$400 – $1,600/area

Recovery Time

1-4 Days

See Results

1-3 Months

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