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Platelet-Rich Plasma For Aging Skin

Wellness center

Your own blood platelets will be injected in your face for a tighter, firmer, and glowing skin.
Our blood platelets have growth factors & healing properties when used in some procedures. When collected, they are watery, clear & light yellow color. The blood tubes used are not the routine tubes our providers use for our blood work. We need as much platelets separated from the rest of the blood cells, in order to get great results. So a more pricy and special blood collection tube is used. Your skin will be numbed with a cream before treatment. The platelets are then microneedled and injected into the skin. To make it better, a multivitamin anti-aging & skin brightening serum with vitamin C, vitamin E, & hyaluronic acid is used. Sometimes if available, glutathione & low dose glycolic acid serum. Collagen building, tighter and brighter skin, will begin. An awesome procedure!

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